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The 18th Kanagawa Biennial World Children's Art Exhibition


Screening result/審査結果


Grand Prize/大賞                           
Gonapinuwalage Enuri Sadeethma (Sri Lanka)             Dimana Stoyanova  (Bulgaria) 
赤野間 光央

Minister of Foreign Affairs Award/外務大臣賞                        
Matiss Rudzitis (Latvia) 

Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award/総務大臣賞                
武居 龍之介                    

President of the Japan Foundation Award/(独)国際交流基金理事長賞                         
Jan Bezdĕk(Czech)                       Selin Ismailova Fikredova (Bulgaria)  
M.M.U.N Sathsarani Manathunga  (Sri Lanka)       Fung Hoi Wing (China) 
Tan Yang   (Malaysia)                          Fionna Alvarez (Ecuador)
勝呂 遥斗                                   豊田 このは   

President of the Japan International Cooperation Agency Award/(独)国際協力機構理事長賞                
Lenka Gavrilovic  (Serbia)                         Lois Agyei  (Ghana)        
Hiba Idrissi Khamlichi(Morocco)                  Kanishka H. Keswani  (India)
Naihrit Baral   (Bangladesh)                     Luiza Yumi Takara Mellone (Brazil)
田野倉 凛                                  堤 優衣             

President of the United Nations Association of Japan Award/(公財)日本国際連合協会会長賞                
Tersina Ivan (Ukraine)                        Vladimír Krejćíŕ (Czech)   
Andrey Sheranov (Belarus)                 Shahad Nasser Ahmed Hassan Alhefili (Arab) 
Anya Wong (China)                            Gonzalez Celestina (Argentine)
永野 琉夏                                 山口 美沙樹      

President of National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan Award/(公社)日本ユネスコ協会連盟会長賞                  
Naum Mihajlouski(Macedonia)                     Iris Tsai (Taiwan)   
Al Maun (Bangladesh)                     MD Mehran Hasan Bhuiyan(Bangladesh) 
Antonia Palacios (Ecuador)                   Viktor Kalinov Veselinov (Bulgaria)
佐藤 杏樹                                  高畑 憲             

The National Council of YMCAs of Japan Award/(公財)日本YMCA同盟賞                
Kennard Alvaro Hadinata(Indonesia)                 Lee Geonu (Korea)           
Bará (Palestinian)                         Samin Hassan (Bangladesh)   
Htet Nandi Kyaw  (Myanmar)                        Delgado Renato (Argentine)
上田 日鞠                                  笠井 獅司之介   

President of the Japan Committee for UNICEF Award/(公財)日本ユニセフ協会会長賞                          
Sofiya Cheverda (Ukraine)                   Estere Dukse  (Latvia)    
Parikh Somya Devang  (India)                Loulwa Akkad (Syrian)
Afroz Talha Sandhu(Pakistan)                      Bryan Lee Zhi Hao  (Malaysia)
小林 美波                                  長澤 彩音  


※A list of the other selected prize winners on this  (Click here!)  



For information about application for the next edition :

The application guidebook for the 19th edition will be put on our web about May 2016. (


Please refer to the previous 18th application guide here!

Former Schedule


Thank you very much for your participation for the 18th Kanagawa Biennial World Children’s Art Exhibition. We are pleased to say that we received total of 26,472 works for the competition; 23,948 works from 95 countries and 2 regions throughout the world and 2,524 works from Kanagawa Prefecture.


Delivery of notices: We will send it to the person in charge or individual by post at the end of March.


※Please verify the spelling on name, the order of name(first, middle, surname) and the address in order to send the award certificates etc.


Awards Ceremony: 4th July 2015 at Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship, Plaza Hall 2F


※The invitation for this ceremony for foreign participants are not planned.
If you want to attend it , please contact us.


Exhibition: 3rd July to 23th August 2015 at Kanagawa Plaza for Global Citizenship, Plaza Hall 3F


The tour of exhibition:September 2015 to March 2016 at 14 venues in Kanagawa prefecture.


Award Certificate and prize:will be delivered in September


The Selected works will not be returned. We are going to utilize them for promoting international exchange and global understanding through children’s pictures.


If you have any questions, please contact to E-mail:


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NEW!Message from Sudan in Africa



      Sudan                  East-Timor 



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This museum houses more than 1500 art works by the children from
all over the world. The art works are categorized by nation/region and year of an exhibition.
We show you a special feature on self-portrait and faces of friend and family. They have many expressions!

Self-Portrait and Faces of Friend and Family

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