Earth Festa Kanagawa

 Currently, there are approximately 228,000 foreign nationals residing in Kanagawa Prefecture. There is a demand for building a rich multicultural society in which we can "live together" through understanding the diverse values and cultures of each other. Earth Festa Kanagawa, with the aim of realizing a multicultural society, is a festival where residents of different nationalities and cultures can gather, meet each other and promote their individual cultures and ways of thinking. In order to create a place for mutual understanding, ethnic groups in Kanagawa, non government organizations, and citizen volunteers combine their efforts from the planning stage to make this festival. Food stalls, bazaars, stage events, forums, experience-based workshops, ethnic music experiences, cinema and other programs are held. We are aiming to offer a place where many foreign residents can participate.

Admission is free.
※We welcome you to bringing a bag for carrying items you buy, and tableware such as spoons or forks for food.

Date and time:October 31 (Sat)- November 1 (Sun), 2020 10:00 to 17:00

Promotional video(Subtitle language will be Japanese except for certain cases.)

Access to Earth Plaza

※Please use public transportation such as trains and buses.

Earth Festa

Pictures from past events. This year it is not certain whether similiar events or goods will be available.

Past Earth Festas and event reports